Fancy's Fool (dina) wrote in boston_buddies,
Fancy's Fool

Major trouble

Major is a year and a half now. He has always been an independent minded spoiled little feisty devil. He is also very very loving and sweet. One thing I made sure to do was socialize him well with other dogs. He has been going to the park regularly since he had all of his shots. We had him fixed at the earliest age possible. Every now and again he would scrap with another dog close to his age, but mostly he really really loves to play with other dogs. Recently though, I can't take him to the park without him getting in to a fight. He'll be playing nicely, and then something will make him snap and he'll totally go after a dog. I don't even want to take him anymore because it is so embarassing. I'm talking to trainers about it, but am wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences or advice?

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