jennygel7 (jennygel7) wrote in boston_buddies,

♥ Saidie

My mom's camera has been broken. I'm happy, because Gawd I'm sick of smiling all the damn time. Anyway, she got a fancy new phone (nokia 6682) and that thing has been in my face since the day she got it.

I think I'm pretty cute here, when my tongue isn't as large as a magic carpet ride!

I went 'hiking' today. It was ridiculously hot and I was not allowed to eat slugs or rub my belly on the cool rainforest floor because it was too muddy.

Look at my huge tongue. I'm embarrassed.

And along with getting a 'costume' which I look silly in and it orange (which is not my colour), mom bought me a Cuz. I don't even like the thing. It's always giving me the evil eye.

The hike was exhausting. My mom thought she was having a heart attack. She lived though. I snored and farted the whole way home in the car.

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