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New to the community with pictures to share.

Oh my goodness!!  A Boston Terrier community!!  That's so exciting.

I currently have two Bostons.  Toby is 6 years old and tends to be a little timid but he's a pure gentleman.  I also have Ty who is a 6 month trouble maker.  He's always getting into stuff he's not supposed to and chasing the cat and chewing things.  But we love him to death.

I put a couple of pictures under the cut :).  Hope you like my boys.

Here's Toby posing for the camera

And Toby all dressed up for Halloween.

This is Ty when he was 10 weeks old.

Ty is quite a bit older now but still hasn't grow into his ears haha.

I'll post more pictures later.  But I'm very excited to know there are so many other Boston lovers out there!!

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