Carla (cadani) wrote in boston_buddies,

I was wondering what you guys put in your kongs for your dogs. The trainer at my work told me a few: peanut butter, cheese, cottage cheese, apple sauce, etc., I've tried most and Genma loves them all.. so I was just wondering what you guys use, to try something new.

To all of you who replied to my last post with advice, thanks. He is doing much better in his crate. It's made into a little den, and I bought a PetStages soothing warming pad, which I put in his bed and cover it with his blankie, and he whines for a little bit but he ends up laying down after a few minutes and fallign asleep, thinking he's cuddling up with his brothers and sisters. He's learning that the crate is a good place, and he gets lots of yummy treats for being in there. He's doing pretty good at going potty outside, too. If he doesn't give any warning, he's really good at knowing to go to the potty pad, or atleast almost making it there haha

Anyway, any suggestions to what you guys use in your dogs kongs would be great! :)

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