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Won't Eat, Won't Poop

Gambit is sick. At least, I think he is. His behaviour is perfectly normal but he won't eat and he won't poop! It's very strange. I think it's because his routine is off. Today is a holiday so I'm not working, so instead of going to gramma's, he's at home with us.

He doesn't fuss, he's perfectly happy to romp and play, is willingly going out for long walks, takes the regular amount of drinks of water, and pees outside just fine. He doesn't fight when I touch his tummy like he did when he had giardia. But he won't eat - and he won't poop!

Yesterday he was ill in the morning. He scarfed down his breakfast as if he'd never eaten in his life and then barfed it back up again about 10 minutes later. He had diarrhea alternated with regular bowel movements yesterday, too. He ate fine yesterday, perhaps a little less than usual, which I attributed to his barfing in the morning.

This morning when I walked him - he didn't poop! His last walk is usually around 12 midnight and then again around 7:45 in the morning. He usually poops A LOT because he has held it all night. But today, nothing. Around 9 he did the smallest bit of poop. He didn't eat his breakfast OR his lunch. He has had maybe half of a handful since he woke up. He hasn't pooped.

What to do?

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