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I got a new shirt...

So mom said lots of people like my posts and not a whole lot has gone on around here lately, so in an attempt to please you guys, she decided to dress us up. Don't get me wrong, I love you all, but SHIRTS?! GREEN SHIRTS with goofy collars??? Anyway, here are some photos and videos.

Do you see how thrilled I am about this??

did I mention I HATE shirts?
I just don't think green is my color??

Shirts make me do things I can't explain, like roll around like a lunatic!!

I hate this shirt!
"I hate this shirt!" on Google Video
These things don't come off very easy

Tanner has a good time in his shirt, Joey, not so much
Please take note of my VERY special friend Tanner behind me. What a doofus!!

So I hope you enjoyed this, I sure didn't! Here is one last video of me schooling Doofus on fight skills.

Blogger Joe Stains Create Post

green shirts make them FIGHT
"green shirts make them FIGHT" on Google Video
I do have some sweet moves tho...

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