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I have recovered from those horrible green shirts and thought I might share some interesting things about my house. If you didn't know, we just moved into this house in June, so there are a lot of new things to talk about.

Picture 1722
Mom bought this thing from the internet. It showed up and she thought it was SO pretty. Then doofus decided to eat his rawhide on it and now it is covered in a gross white film. Doofus hasn't had any rawhide since then. As you can see, this bench is great for lots of things. Tanner enjoys chewing toys on it and I like to sleep on it. But the BEST thing about this bench is taking that nylabone corn up on it then dropping it on the wood floor. It goes BANG and then my mom, who sits at the computer right next to it gets scared EVERY time. Its great fun!!

Picture 1723
See all that white gunk? gross huh? I don't know why mom doesnt get that little machine out that she uses when I sometimes pee on...I mean WHEN TANNER sometimes pees on the floor. I guess she is just hoping the white stuff will just disappear.

Picture 1724
This is the couch Tanner and I like to stand on to look out the front door. Mom bought that stupid blanket because she claims our claws are messing up the couch. Now, as you can see by the totally innocent looks on our faces, neither of us pulled that blanket down, but somehow it always manages to be in a ball on the couch by the end of the day.

Picture 1726
This is another fun game I play with mom. I call it, see how many times she will pick these 2 pillows up only to watch me kick them on the floor. This is the best game. I play this at my grandparent's house too. Mom hasn't been too into the game lately, talk about a sore loser. She just leaves the pillows there unless some other people are coming over.

Picture 1727
This door should be open 24 hours a day for my coming and going pleasure. Mom disagrees and said that too many bugs get in. She obviously hasn't seen Doofus's great bug eating skills. He can catch anything, and there is no mess, he just eats it!!

These are some of the toys that we need in the bedroom at night. Mom and Dad both dislike these because they yell in the middle of the night when they go pee and step on one. Its like they can't see in the dark or something???

And finally, my favorite spot in the house. This is where I spend a good deal of time waiting for that silver food box to open and for food to come from the sky. Now, sometimes mom FREAKS out when the food comes from the sky and swipes it away and then says something about loose stools? What in the heck lady, grab yourself a drill and tighten those chairs up and let me enjoy the food!!!! sheesh.

I hope you enjoyed my house tour!!

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