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Utter Terror

Gambit is terrified of his new water dish. I had a little aluminum bowl for him but it gets really dirty easily because it had all sorts of dumb price stickers INSIDE it, which left the inside sticky, so I bought Gambit a little ceramic dish.

He is TERRIFIED of it. I don't understand. I held him, I dabbled my fingers in the bowl to teach him it's water, I put his favorite treat and toys next to it, I even let him watch me pour water from his OLD dish into his NEW dish - but nada.

Chris came home and tried to get Gambit to go to the bowl (despite my protests) and Gambit, in his urge to escape the evil bowl, knocked his foot into it.

This is a shot of him sulking in the complete opposite corner of the room, eying the interloper dish with fear and curiousity. He is so afraid of it! He barked at it and cried at it. I can't figure it out, it's just a pink ceramic dish, very similar to his old one.

By the way, he wrapped himself in his blankie for "extra safety"... lol

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