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sunday funday


do I hear someone eating?
Mom is waking me up to post on the internet....what does she think she is, my pimp? my boss? Oh ya, she is the one that fills my food dish. *sigh*

joey gets tired begging for cheese and uses my leg to rest his head
I tried to look very pathetic while mom was eating cheese. Notice that tiny tear I shed. It didn't work!

another shot
Doofus had to copy me, of course. His eye is so gross, but mom said he is allergic to stuff in our yard. So maybe he should go back to Ohio, right?

$4.99 at Ikea, I couldn't resist.  Yes it looks like a cat but I swear it said Cat/Dog tent!!
Mom got this stupid thing at Ikea. She is CRAZY. I won't even go near it, I mean what kind of dog would go inside a house obviously made for cats???

Tanner is in the house!
Oh geeeez...

what a mess
The Doofus likes to go outside when the sprinklers are on and then makes a huge mess on mom's floor.

i wonder who did it?
Ya, Tanner there is nobody else out there to blame this one on. Sorry. I mean, I don't know how my mom puts up with how bad he is...

i sure wasn't eating any plants...nope
Whats that? What is stuck to my chin??? ummmmm.....I must have uh tripped and fell and my face landed in your plants mom??? um or uhhh, ya Tanner pushed me...and I fell in your flowers.


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