The Girl in the Self Imposed Box (elisabat) wrote in boston_buddies,
The Girl in the Self Imposed Box


So according to the excellent advice I've recieved here and dogsintraining and spo_prevention, as of last night, I'm ignoring Fizzgig when he throws a fit. It's really hard, I feel like a neglectful mommy at best. It's also hard because without even thinking I tell him to be quiet. I just have to let him know that screaming is not how you get what you want. Anyway, it's already started working.

Also it was suggested that I get him a playpen for when he is unsupervised and put him in there with his toys to keep him occupied and some water. I went for one that did not have bars for the toys to slip through. I chose this one, and I do not deny that the boston in the picture had something to do with this purchase. I'm having it sent directly to my mother's house.

The cats will certainly appreciate him not constantly trying to tackle them and cover them with kisses.

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