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Gambit and the "gaks"

So, Gambit has a bad case of the "gaks". That's what I call it, anyway. Now, he is into just about everything, and I've had to take away his 2 favorite toys ("rope" bone and tennis ball) because he likes to eat the fuzz off them and then it makes him gag and gargle in his throat like a cat with a hairball.

So I'm pretty used to him going "gak" every now and again.

But for the past few days he seems to be going "gak" a lot - like for 1-2 hour periods at a time, at 2-3 minute intervals. It sounds almost like he's about to barf - then he's fine and goes back to playing.

I took away the "green" nylabone toys 2 weeks ago but I recently found one in his crate he had evidently hidden... it was partially eaten. But he's drinking water, eating, playing and using the bathroom normally - so that can't be it?

Anyone else's Boston have a bad case of the "gaks"? Is it just something they do? It doesn't seem to bother him, he plays all through the "gak" as if he was just trying to cough up some phlegm mid-play.

Should I be concerned?

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