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So Halloween is coming up, which means lots of dirty little brats will be ringing my doorbell looking for handouts. This will cause Tanner and I to bark like mad for hours on end. Not my idea of a good time.

HOWLoween collar from missy
Although, I do look pretty great in my Howl-O-Ween collar

And doofus looks like a Doofus in his jack-o-lantern shirt (about a minute after this was taken tanner totally peed all over the inside of that shirt, mom had to throw it in the washer. boy was it funny)

My mom told me today that Hotel Stains is open for business again. Our next guest is my new cousin who I have not met yet. He is 13 weeks old and he is a Border Collie. My guess is my uncle will have him long enough to get him trained to gaurd the border to keep those illegal chiahuahuas out and then he will be shipped off to duty.

He gets here on Friday and you can be sure that he and doofus are going to have a GREAT time and I will be getting NO sleep. You can also be sure my mom will take 300 million pictures, so stay tuned.

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