claudia (echo64) wrote in boston_buddies,

ugh, for the love of god

It's been a while, but I've been rather busy as of late, what with getting married and all.

My new hus and myself went to Manitoba for our honeymoon, and didn't bring Porsche along. There was literally a fight over who would get who (we also have a persian cat), everyone wanting Porsche, but not Bibo. Poor Beebs. :) Anyway, it ended up that my sister in law took Porsche for the week while we were away. I wrote her a two page document on things she isn't allowed to do, and what to do if she's misbehaving. I also said to leave a puppy pad by the door, because even though we let her out regularly, her bladder isn't fully matured yet, so she can't always hold it for a long time (though she is so much better, it's unbelievable). Just in case. Well.

We come back, pick her up, and find out that she didn't use the puppy pad once. She insisted on peeing absolutely everywhere in my SIL's home. they'd let her outside, she'd do her thing and then pee again. She doesn't have any UTI's or anything like that, so we chaulked it up to her being angry with us for "abandoning" her.

At our apartment, on Monday, two days after we'd got her back, the hus, against better judgement and nagging, left her sectioned in the kitchen because he felt bad kennelling her (the man has the heart as hard as a wet sponge sometimes). She climbed the gate (oh the joys of having a cat brother to teach her all this bad stuff) and absolutely destroyed the house. There was poop and pee everywhere, no where even remotely close to her pads, and she'd dug up two of my big potted plants: a four and a half foot bromiliad and a two foot hibiscus bush. That, and she'd taken every shoe we owned out of the front closet and hidden them around the house, most uscathed, save a pair of black satin pumps of mine. Arg. Laying in bed that night, she jumped up, layed down for a minute then got up and peed in the bed. She hasn't done that since she was two pounds, and I knew she was mad because she had JUST been outside not five minutes before and had gone pee.

I was extremely angry with her for being that destructive, but moreso because it was a big "I told you so" moment with her escaping. I ended up putting her in her kennel for the night and only let her out to use the bathroom, then she went right back in. Mostly because if you're cleaning up, she'll try and play with you, and I didn't want to be more pissed off at her. I think she suddenly realized that she was in trouble because the next day she was absolutely as good as gold. She didn't chew anything, and she used her puppy pads all the time.

I just couldn't believe she'd be that angry at us. Especially to pee in the bed when I'm right there.

On a related note, my SIL has two sons, and the older one thought that we had given them Porsche to keep forever. He's three. When we picked her up, we were told that he'd said, "One day I'll get a dog of my own, but a bigger one that doesn't pee and chew." LOL, kids.

*Sigh* just a bit of a vent.

One thing nice about the ordeal, is that she had a playdate with a Sheltie next door named Minus. She loves Minus like no other. However, she humped Minus, which everyone was truly horrified with. I had to explain that she was probably just displaying her dominance (I love the way dogs do it...not by being mean, but by humping) because afterwards, they played just fine for about three hours.

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