it's like brenda without the "D" (sugartitts) wrote in boston_buddies,
it's like brenda without the "D"

HELLO! just wanted to say hi and introduce you to my new little boston terrier terror, Pepper! i've had her for 2 weeks now and she's almost 12 weeks old. this is my first boston, my first puppy EVER in fact, and it's been quite the adventure so far...

she sleeps a lot...more than i ever thought she would!! i have her sleeping in a dog bed at night, but i sure she'd prefer sleeping on the couch or on my lap!! she gets hiccups ALL THE TIME - is this a normal boston thing?? she also hates her leash. i know she has a lot of energy to get out....but i can't make her walk on it!! she just STOPS dead in her tracks and stares at me with a "i'm NOT going anywhere" look. any suggestions?? i hate just dragging her along till she starts moving. also, i have noticed that her eyes get really red at times. i have read that this could be from allergies, but i dont know how to tell the difference between an infection and allergies. advice?

sorry for all the questions and requests for advice....i'm just new to this and you all seem like EXPERTS! hehe.

anyways....nice to meet you all!

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