Miss Poisonality (dulamae) wrote in boston_buddies,
Miss Poisonality

he's HERE!

He has peed on the floor twice, but I gotta admit he is pretty darn cute.

our house guest for the weekend, Lambeau
His name is Lambeau and he is a 13 week old border collie. He will be staying with us until monday. So far he seems afraid of me but I swear he makes these weird little whining noises and it scares the CRAP out of me.

tanner shows lambeau around the yard
He's always moving but mom got a couple of good pics of him.

lambeau gets the best of tanner
Tanner is being real nice with him and letting him tackle him and stuff. He even shares his toys. Notice I am not in the pictures because I still have duties to attend to. Someone must guard the house so its safe for the children to play.

another plant hound
Someone new to blame the plant destruction on!

I am sure there will be 300 more pictures soon!

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