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report from hotel stains

did you notice the mess he is making??
So he is still here and he is making a huge mess. Do you see this??

lambeau is pooped.  he has never seen so many toys
He just falls asleep in the middle of the floor all the time. I think uncle Jim needs to get him checked for narcolepsy!

He and Tanner are complete DORKS.

dirty dogs
They went all over the yard this morning, I think Tanner is trying to teach him to pee like a boy instead of squatting like a girl.

can we get out here??
Either that or they are teaming up for an escape.

They sure like to run.

lambeau is not sure what he should be doing
He still doesn't know what to do when Tanner and I start barking at all the people that walk down our street. He has barked about 3 times since he has been here. He needs to work on that skill.

He is pretty good at being cute though.

While they rest and dream of doing little guy stuff...

joey keeps watch while tanner and lambeau rest
I will be here protecting them

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