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lambeau has left the building

Well, Lambeau left tonight, but not before Mom could thoroughly humiliate us all.

you cannot make me look at that camera
I will NOT look at that camera.

of course he had to have a shirt!
Mom bought that shirt for Tanner, but he is so fat lately he can't even come close to fitting into it. We need to discuss his weight in another post, but for now we will talk about Lambeau and how Mom just could not get over how cute he was in that shirt. Ok, he is pretty cute. I sure am turning into a softy in my old age.

the neighbors had a party this weekend, joey was NOT happy
In addition to the tornado that was Tanner and Lambeau, our neighbor decided to have a PARTY. First of all, ya me...not invited. Second of all, they were grilling some meat and it smelled SO good. Third and most upsetting was the neighbor's Australian shepards yelling at me over the wall the whole time. Those guys are lucky I could not get out that back gate because stingrays aren't the only thing that can teach an Australian a lesson or two about messing with the wrong animal.

tanner knew to escape lambeau he must seek higher ground
Tanner did finally figure out that to escape Lambeau he just needed to get on the chair.

as he has yet to master the 'lambeau leap'
Cuz there is no leap in this Lambeau just yet.

But there is a whole lotta cute. Geez, listen to me!

Well, here are some videos for those of you who can view them. Just a tip, I am not actually in any of them so if you don't want to watch I completely understand

This was when he first got here and Tanner was going easy on him. Toward the end it was like wrestlemania around here.

Lambeau tries to catch a butterfly

I have no clue what is going on at the beginning of this, but I know that at the end Tanner got in trouble for eating that stick.

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