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A Day In the Life...

Well, I keep seeing the other doggies posting recounts of their day so I convinced my human to let me make a post.
*snort* I told her to, actually. She's my slave.
Til I realised typing without opposable thumbs sucks, so, I made her do that, too.
It starts out fine enough. here I am, looking pretty in my bed.
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I like to have a little breakfast, and I get it, too, if the humans don't shoo me away from the diaper pail..
After that, I hang out on the big bed, and show that little papillion I am the boss, because she is not allowed on that bed.
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Oh, uh..now wait! How did that picture get in here?!
I'm not snuggling her, I swear! I am simply making her smell my pooper fumes.
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Then, after a few naps, it's time for some lovin'. My old man really loves this. Even if he doesn't look thrilled.
See how considerate I am? I even kiss him while we're having a go.
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At the end of the day, there is nothing better than crashing out with the smelly, loud smaller human.
My, but his smells are wonderful!

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