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breast cancer walkers
So this weekend I was minding my own business and trying to catch up on my sleep when all of the sudden, there were people everywhere!! I mean thousands of people walking RIGHT past my house and they were all wearing pink and yelling and cars were beeping their horns like crazy. I thought it was an invasion! Then mom said that they were walking 60 miles to raise money for breast cancer research. I thought this was pretty cool so I stood in the window cheering for them for a long time. Mom sure doesn't know how to get behind a good cause, she kept asking me to be quiet.

Joey is 'cheering' them on
She finally let me just keep barking, I mean, CHEERING!

Is it on the roof?
This is our shed where mom keeps the big noisy grass eater and other stuff we're not allowed to play with. Well, the other day mom came out because I was making this terrible noise like I was being attacked, but I was actually talking to the SHED CREATURE. Something has moved in under our shed and I must find out what it is!! I go out there a million times a day trying to catch it outside, but I never see it. I just see the holes where it comes in and out. Mom said its probably afraid of me because I am a big tough guy.

Joey and Tanner have discovered something is living under our shed
Doofus doesn't seem very interested but he comes around every once in a while to see if he can help me. Mom is starting to get annoyed because I want to go out ALL the time now that the Shed Creature has moved in.

After all the shed watching I had to get some sleep.

Finally, here is some video of me demonstrating my excellent skill at disappearing under the covers.


Also, here is a good tug of war battle between doofus and I


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