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Because it seems that I am the only boston owner here that does not own a cuz, or more appropriatly, my boston doesn't own one, I bought one today. A bad cuz of course, orange, because it's my favourite colour. I wasn't sure about it, because Beasties is so partial to tennis balls and stuff. So I brought it home, took the packaging off and called Beasties. I squeaked it and held it next to her face. It was like it had bostynip in it or something. She sniffed it and her eyes turned into huge dinner plates, you know the kind, those huge googly eyes. Her lip started to quiver, stretching into that smooshy face with the little boston fangs showing, a quite snort erupted from deep within and then....

she chomped it!! Taking off running at speeds in excess of 12 miles an hour, her little chicken drumstick loins maxed to the limit, but then it happened! The strange and wonderful orange orb with feet and pointy horns let out a squeak, a loud satisfying squeak. Beasties dropped it and stared in the general direction of her cuz, then took off running again, but once again, lo and behold, A SQUEAK!!! She dropped it and stares, yes, yes, she's quite sure she's responsible for this delicious squeaky sound!!. She hunkers down and buries her little grizzeled black and white face into that pile of orange rubber, squeaking the life out of it at will. Oh no!, she is pursued! Thank God for these handy little cuz feet, she can quickly remove the coveted cuz from the wicked chi enemy.

As a post note, Beasties owner greatly enjoys working Beasties into a cuz frenzy by poking her in the head and bosty lips with pointy cuz horns.

Most of you know this site already, but I decided to post it, check out other Bosty toys!

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