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Pup is sick

Hey everyone.. my dog Elliott has been a bit sick lately. He hasn't been eating his food like normal t his past week only eating once a day instead of twice. Saturday night, when he actually ate twice a day in a long while, he threw up everything he ate. Sunday he didn't eat all day but threw up a bit of yellowish liquid. =/ Basically he hasn't really eating since.. kind of nibbled on a few pieces of his food but it's still there in the bowl. Also, he's had a bit of diarrhea. He's also been rubbing his bum across the carpet so I know it's bothering him.

Today I get home from work, he's playing around me and happens to sit on my barefoot and when he gets up I notice my foot is a little wet. He left a spot of blood =/ So I examine his bottom and he has, what looks like, a blood clot or bloody piece of left over poo there :( I'm kind of worried. Does this sound like anything that has happened to any of your dogs before?

Tomorrow i'm going to take him to the vet. I had tried to go outside and find one of his poo's to take with me to the vet but I couldn't find any.

I haven't taken photos of him in a long while but here's a photo. :) He's a 1 1/2 year's old.


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