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Poor, poor Baxter :(

My poor little Baxter has had so many skin problems in his year and 7 months of his life. Last year at this time he had fleas from puppy school and now he has them AGAIN! I don't know where he got them either. We put Frontline flea medicine on him today and sprayed the house down with flea killer. Do any of you have any other tricks to getting rid of them fast?  He also has this big bump on the back of his ear too. It has developed these past 2 months. At first we thought it was just something he did to himself but it has gotten bigger these last few weeks. We took him to the vet and he was concerned and said that it will have to be removed. Baxter has surgery next Wednesday to remove the bump. They think it is just a cyst but it has to come off. My poor little man. He is going to be so mad at us and he will probably have to wear a big cone on his head. :(

Fleas suck

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