Miss Poisonality (dulamae) wrote in boston_buddies,
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How does that rap song go...its getting hot in here...so take off all your clothes. Well apparently mom thought it said, its getting cold in here so humiliate all your dogs...

hoodie dogs
So here we are in our Old Navy hooded sweatshirts.

tanner hears something
My uncle was watching some movie with crying babies on the TV and it made Tanner look like this. Obviously mom is holding a treat, otherwise I would not have been looking at her or the camera.

enjoying a treat
mmmm biscuits...

doofus is still the doofus
Mom put Tanner's hood up and...INSTANT DOOFUS FACE. How does he make these faces?!

joey is all dressed for the outdoors
I am warm, I am out of here to go explore the yard!!

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