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the grass is always greener...

So the other day I was complaining about the stupid hooded sweatshirts, right?

dogs in the hood
We were wearing them on and off for a couple of days and even though they were warm, I thought I looked pretty stupid.

crabby joey
So I started to think of a plan to ditch the hoodie...

Joey found a way to rid himself of the sweatshirt, get it totally dirty
So I decided that Mom would never let me wear a dirty sweatshirt, so I decided to roll around in as much grass and dirt as I could. This is AFTER my uncle brushed me off. I did a good job eh???


Joey in his sweater
DO YOU SEE THIS?!!!???!?! I look like a complete DORK!!! My Mom is such a JERK!

Also, because my day wasn't bad enough, Dad bought Mom a NEW CAMERA for Christmas and gave it to her early. Now she will be taking 300 million more pictures of us. BUT at least there will be more megapixels so you can see my handsomeness much clearer.

Talk about the worst day EVEEEER!!!!!! :(

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