CrystalSC (crystalsc) wrote in boston_buddies,

2 Things...

First: Lucy Lu looked so beautiful this morning lying on the bed, looking up at me with sleepy eyes that it made me very much want to lay back down and kiss her rather than go to work. Darn her for being so gorgeous.

Second: I always get each of my babies a toy and a treat for their stocking. Well, I had gotten them the other day and forgetting how incredibly nosy Lucy is, I set the bag down on the living room floor. Next thing I know, Lucy is dragging her rope with a ball out with a frenzy. I say "NO! That's for Christmas!" And I took the bag and set it on top of the computer armoire. For two days now, she has been standing against that armoire and trying her damndest to figure out how to get up there to reach the bag. lol

We hung out for awhile at Furman University's campus the other day and I got two of the most gorgeous photos ever! (of course, i'm partial because it's my husband and my babies, but whatever) ;)




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