Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote in boston_buddies,
Claire Hummel

Introduction. Huzzah!

Hello all- just figured I'd introduce myself, as I'm just now joining this comminity; so... I'm doing just that! Introducing myself. Mmm-yep.

Anywho, I've loved Boston's my enire life, and it's nice to see their popularity on the up-and-up (Quiznos, Zyrtec, MasterCard- what next?). I've owned two now: Sammy, who passed last year, and her little 'sister' Sparky, and they've been the best friends and drawing subjects I ever did see.

My icon's a photo of Sam, while here's a current one of Sparky:

...Aaand another of her as a pup:

Methinks she grew into her eyes.

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