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A bit of a gross question (help, please!)

I know this is gonna be a tad yucky, so I'm posting it under the cut for those of you not interested in the biological functions of my dog.

How often do your dogs need their anal glands released? We were planning to have it done in a few weeks, just after he hits 6 months, when he gets neutered. I haven't noticed any of the symptoms of needing them to be released - no butt scooting, butt biting, or discomfort when pooing. But lately I've noticed his butt kind of smells fishy - which I know is a sign since my parents' dog has this problem too. Last night, I discovered a weird brown goo on my desk where he was sitting, about the size of a quarter, and this evening I found another brown gooey stain on my bedspread (grr! My expensive linen bedspread) which, upon closer inspection, stank to high heaven of poop.

Now, Gambit hasn't pooed in the house since the first week we brought him home, and it doesn't look like poo, exactly...

Could he have accidentally released his anal glands a little bit?

If not, what else could it be?

Yucky question over.

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