seapo (seapo) wrote in boston_buddies,

as promised, a photo

So we went from this...

To this...

I know she's got boogley eyes, but she's a cute girl anyway. This was taken last night, the second day after her spay surgery. I thought she'd be more sore for longer, but oh no. She was rarin' to go on Tuesday morning.

I think it went well because she hasn't even fussed with her surgery site (which has made me breath HUGE sighs of relief). She's not licking it much, but it's clean, so I assume she's taken care of it a little. It's also extremely difficult to keep her from leaping, running and jumping, because she's in such a good mood now that she wants to go out and run.

Luckily, she's good on the leash, so she's not leaping around when she's outside using her restroom, but in the apartment is another story ;) She quite enjoys bugging her cat brother ;)

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