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What's her problem?!


I posted this before, I think- it's Max Moo's response to another dog's video on boston_buddies.
The problem is not Max Moo. If you watch, you'll see Foxy, the pappilion, kind of shoving her arse in Max's face, etc, etc.
That's a tame example.
Usually, she's all up in Max Moo's business, or, rather, putting her vagina in her face.
In our house, there is a definate heiarchy- Max Moo comes first. She gets to sleep on the bed, she eats first..she humps the holy crap out of the others.
The putting on of the business is not so much the issue, but a symptom.
When we first got Foxy (The pappilion) she wasn't this way. She did sleep on the bed, but then one night, she decided to pee on the bed, and was then relagated to the crate overnights for a while.
The peeing stopped, but the dominance challanges got worse. She never peed on the bed, again, but that's when the "Max Moo MUST go down!" attitude started up.
She's my fiance's dog, but she seems to have attatched herself to me- nobody is "allowed" too close- she'll go off in a barking frenzy. This includes my ten month old baby- whom she's already growled at for being 'too close'.
She never bites, never gets nasty aggressive, just these wierd challenges- however, she is constantly picking on Max Moo- who, for her part, either growls at her, snaps, jumps her, or, simply rolls herself in the covers and groans like, "Oh lord...what the hell is twisting her tittie, now?" Sometimes, Max will jump out, mount her, and hold on by the scruff to reassert herself- always after, Foxy does not act abashed or even like it happened, she just swaggers back and puts her arse in her face, again.
A few weeks ago, I decided I'd had it with the challenges, and started making her sleep in the crate, again. The crate is across the bedroom from the bed, and during the day, I chase her off the bed, everytime she got up there.
Things got WORSE.
This is when she growled at my son for being too close. She started trying to loop a leg over Max- which went over like a turd in a punchbowl and resulted in a knock down-drag out that I separated and crated her, and put Max Moo in the bathroom. I'm ok with Max asserting herself, not ok with the dog-fights.
And now, if my fiance comes to snuggle...Foxy flips the hell out. If I am petting Max Moo, she flips out. If I am holding my baby, she flips out. My roommate's not allowed within like six feet of me- according to Foxy. (He's kind of a deadbeat-scrub, so, I've joked about her being a better judge of character than the rest of us, but still..this is lame.)
When I am not here, Foxy does not bark at them.
If Max Moo humps the great dane (Which she does, often..she never, ever bites him..it's funny, she like, licks his back all lovey..it's a different relationship alltogether. *laughs*) Foxy flips the hell out.
If Max Moo jumps off the bed, flip out. Gets on the bed, flips out. You get the idea. This dog is driving me batshit.
If she didn't have these issues- she'd be wonderful. That's my biggest problem. With me, she is the sweetest, most wonderful dog in the world. She's submissive as all get out, rolling over, sometimes doing the whole 'submissive piss' thing, and does this full body wag..
So, I've kinda figured, she sees me as Alpha, and she wants that beta position.
(I am not going by ANYONE's teachings..I just believe in the pack heiarchy amongst animals)
I also kinda figured, after months and months of just getting owned by Max, Matthew 'scruffing' her, she'd figure out..she is not beta, and won't be.
This morning..ugh..I let her out of the crate, and the first thing she does?
It's 5:40 am- I get up so I can have some time to myself before the rest of the house wakes (With a ten month old..it's NEEDED time) and she swaggers over to where Max is sleeping, wrapped in a blanket, and begins to bark furiously, pawing at the blanket and shoving her face in Max's very sleepy snoot when she emerges, kind of groaning and looking annoyed.
Anyone have any tips, links? This is driving me NUTS, and my fiance LOVES this dog..but I'm at a point where I can't stand her, at all.

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