Stacy (satyr8) wrote in boston_buddies,

new harnesses, car seats, and a raucous video

We got new harnesses for Christmas. Niko has pink, and I upgraded my yellow to green, I think it brings out the handsome brown eyes I have, and Niko... well, her face is pink sometimes.

Niko thinks we look good in them, yeah, okay, we BOTH look good.

We've had these little car seats, but we hadn't used Niko's since she tried to jump out of it as a puppy and created some kind of Houdini scene with all the straps.

But now that shes bigger we can both sit up at window height and see what other cars might have dogs in them. I wish mine was in the front or something though, Niko's gas seems to waft right over here. Nothing worse than car farts.

Niko- "Whoops, sorry Bentley, must've had too much Bil Jac."

Hee hee, we look like Zombies in this shot, were not scared, the flash is just bright.

And here's some video of us playing with some of Christmas toys!

Christmas Fun

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