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So today we got Smudge's stiches out from the surgery to remove the tumor. My mother talked to the vet to make sure my father didn't forget to tell her anything about Smudge's cancer since he's the one who answered the phone.

The vet did tell us, that according to the pathologist, the cancer seemed "fuzzy" around the edges to indicate that they are not sure if he removed all possible cancer cells, however they gave us a Good Prognosis, which is contradicting. Even our vet is puzzled by it.

He also told us if she did get another/more tumors, then it would just continue to spread and ultimately there isn't anything useful we could do. Chemo isn't a good option, but there are some steriods to help prolong her life if it does happen.

If anyone has had any experience with this, please, any advice would help. Also any prayers or good vibes are very much needed here.

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