Sara (classikgrl73) wrote in boston_buddies,

for boston_buddies member elisabat

I had no idea that your boston's name, Fizgig, had so many meanings until I got one of my nerdy word of the day emails! My favorite is defenition # 3!

fizgig (FIZ-gig) noun

1. A squib: a type of firework made with damp powder that makes a
hissing sound when exploding.
[From fizz, a clipping of fizzle, from fysel (to break wind).]

2. A kind of top spun by pulling a string wound around it.
3. A flirty, frivolous girl.
[From Middle English gig (a flighty girl, a whipping-top).]

4. A kind of harpoon with barbs for spearing fish.
[From Spanish fisga (fish spear).]

5. A police informer.
[Australian slang.]

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