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the things our bosties do...

I came home from work today, and to my total and utter surprise, Brutus wasn't at the door to greet me. I called out his name, and he didn't come running, which had me so worried it isn't even funny. I made sure the sliding glass door was closed, so as he couldn't drown in the pool..I even made sure he didn't pull a miracle and somehow get in the pool, then ran into my which I found

It scared me at first, because I thought he was DEAD. But, lo and behold, he was just being a lazyass today, and decided to take a small (read: 3 HOUR) nap - he wouldn't even get out of bed when I offered to take him potty. But eventually he came out, after I started cooking dinner and tempting him with "yum yums" (CharTars from Pet Supermarket). What a brat.

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