Ravenvoice (ravenvoice) wrote in boston_buddies,

Schuyler is going to see the vet Saturday.  There seems to be something going wrong with my little old man.  :-\   His teeth (which have always been really good and clean) are rotting out of his head, he seems to have some growths on his gums and inner cheeks, a tumor on his tummy and a hernia that is noticably gettign worse.  Mommy noticed the teeth when he lost a tooth on monday, a big assed tooth root and all just fell out of his head . (well actually she found him playing with it.) So i was over there today and i took a look to see which tooth it was and the smell of rot almost knocked me over. He's also seeming to become incontinent.  :-\   And is messign in the house on a regular basis.  He doens't live with me its not my choice, if its something easy and fixable we likely will.  If not he will likely be making his trip across the Rainbow Bridge (and i dont' mean Bifrost or the one to Canada)  I've had him since he was 6 weeks old. I don't know how to feel.   My mother has heard that dental surgery is even very expensive, i think it would be good to at least get the teeth out. 

I'm devastated. 

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