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Lately, Lainie had been screaming whenever anyone got near her or sometimes if she just jumped up on something. I took her to the vet, and guess what?

Lainie has an injured knee. They told me to medicate her and to keep her from jumping around for two weeks. That in itself is hard enough, but they want me to limit how she jumps up on stuff forever. How on earth am I supposed to do this with a Boston Terrier?

As it turns out, although only one knee is injured right now, she has the tendency for bad knees. We're looking at surgery on both knees within a few years. All for getting a second opinion before I let them cut on my baby? You bet.

Anyway, the pain medicine is making it so she's not squealing anymore, and she lets me get near her again. This has just about broken my heart.

Anyone have any advice or anything? I'm open to suggestion.

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