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Something's wrong with Beasties!!! I need help :(

Beastie's hair is falling out. I noticed her sides were starting to look thin and her coat was dull, so I went to vet last week, she's a very good vet, checked Beasties from top to bottom for an HOUR and answered all my questions. She noticed that Rista's back legs were bald as well, I hadn't even noticed that! Then I woke up this morning and saw that all around her bum and tail were now suddenly bald. Now tonight I see that one whole side of her is getting even thinner, this has all been in the last 2 months!!! The vet kept saying that it was pretty much age related, since she's not itchy, there's no scales or scabs. I thought maybe there's something missing in her diet and she said if I wanted I could buy this $25 jug of fish oil to put on her food. I couldn't afford it on top of the checkup (and I thought I could find it cheaper else where) Beasties is on Techni-Cal adult, and today I noticed that they have a holistic techni-call adult with sweet potatoes, blueberries, flax, chicken, apple, salmon, and you can buy salmon and oatmeal food as well as duck and sweet potatoe. I'm going to buy it, but this hair is thinning so quickly I going to phone the vet back. It's not visibly falling out, like I'm not seeing hair everywhere, it's just super thin. I'd post pictures, but I'm on the wrong computer. Anyone else have something like this? I know allergies can cause hair loss, but she's not anymore itchy than the average dog. I'm worried it's Cushing's Diease, because she has the hair loss, those weird lumps she had removed (she has more now) and total back end weakness, she does nothing but tremble if she tries to stand too long. Oh worries and anxiety :(

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