Troyboytoy (troyboytoy) wrote in boston_buddies,

Try this experiment at home with your Boston

Do any of you have certain "Cutesy" things you say or do to your Boston?

My husband and I have a way we talk to our Boston, Abby.
We talk babyish to her and we use a tone that she knows that we're addressing her.
We also have little things we do to her like:

Scratching her bum and saying "Abby got an itchy bum? Itchyyyy....oh Itchyyyyy buuuuuuuuum!"


Patting and tickling her legs saying "Oh what nice drumsticks! Those daddy's drumsticks...those daddy's!"

If you answered yes to the first question then try this little experiment:
Here's it is:
(My husband and I tried this on Abby and we almost peed ourselves laughing. )

If you have certain things you do and say only to your Boston...well...try doing it in front of them but only to your spouse instead and see how they react.

I pretended to scratch my husbands bum and said "Daddy got an itchy bum? Itchyyyy...oh Itchyyyyyyy Buuuuuuuum!" then I said while tickling his legs "Oh what nice drumsticks Daddy!"

-Well our Boston lost it! She was so jealous...she gave us a look and then started barking at us! It was so funny! She wouldn't stop barking and growling until we stopped!
What's hers is hers!
 Are you talkin' to me?!


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