Stacy (satyr8) wrote in boston_buddies,

The coveted bed

I know I shouldn't always want. Niko takes all the good stuff. I DO have the good spot on mom's lap right now though, and the weather is nice, and the little breeze keeps it just right. This book she's reading looks good too, I bet it would taste good if I chewed it, anyway.

Then there's Niko. She's got the good cuz toy, the one that still squeaks. But I've still got the lap Niko, Hah! Lil video of Niko and her Cuz.
Niko and the Cuz


It's the bed that she is ALWAYS in, I mean COME ON! All day every day when I try to get into it she's there!

Night time....

Play time -good bed and good cuz!

Ha ha! She tipped it over once, that was funny, ran too hard and jumped in and it flipped. Mom fixed it for her though.

I caught her here once though... on my pillow. This is where I lay!

So I stole the bed! They better get another one of these or it's going to get ugly.

We got a sweet chicken and monkey for Christmas, and my mom got some video here:
The saga of the chicken and the monkey.

Also here's some much requested footage of the big ole football.
Big Ol' Football

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