The Girl in the Self Imposed Box (elisabat) wrote in boston_buddies,
The Girl in the Self Imposed Box

Moving tips?

So, on March 14th, Fizzgig, the cats and I will be arriving in New Jersey. I will be traveling by plane from San Francisco. Unfortunately, it looks like Fizzy is over the weight limit to be able to travel in cabin with me. He is 17-18lbs. So it looks like I'll have a cat with me in cabin. I'm very nervous about this. I've never taken an animal on a plane before. And since I work in veterinary medicine, I see the bad results occasionally. Any tips on safe flying for him? I will not be sedating him since I will not be able to monitor him. He likes chew toys, so I'll likely put a Cuz in his carrier with him. I'd like to put a snuggly stuffed animal with him, but I'm afraid of foreign bodies. And I am going to forewarn the airline about his neurological disorder so baggage handlers don't freak out. Any advice would be appreciated. And sorry about the recent lack of Fizzgig pictures. My camera broke again.

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