Stacy (satyr8) wrote in boston_buddies,

Like sands through the hourglass...

I layed in the sun with Mom this weekend! It was so nice and warm! I love the sun!

She gave me my own chair but I still would jump in hers everytime she got up. She puts a lot of creams and sprays on just to sit out for an hour, I guess she's going to start spraying me, something about how my nose might get too browned and burned.

I've also been letting Bentley use the supah bed. My mom is worried she may not be able to find another one.

Bentley loves the new bed, and I am going ot be extra nice to him because he hurt his foot.

So many of my family feeling hurt makes us all sad. Serena the kitty got 3 teeth pulled, Bentley ripped his pad on his foot, and mom's grandpa died so she has to go away this weekend. I know we make her smile though when we are good and give kisses.

The Fido awards are going on over at Dogs with Blogs, I think we might've been nominated for our "Christmas Toys" in the Soundtrack competition. Once we are all logged into the Bone Zone we will be ready to vote! I know Joey and Tanner have one too for Funniest, they are all pretty cute.

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