it's like brenda without the "D" (sugartitts) wrote in boston_buddies,
it's like brenda without the "D"

medical questions....

hey all! pepper has been healthy as a horse till right after her spay. since then, she has developed a weird bald patch on her back, right between her shoulder blades. i took her into the vet and they did a skin scrape but didnt find any mites. the doc did mention that they are sometimes burried really deeply though, so that still might be the issue. also, in the last week, she has developed a "gunky" eye. she woke up on saturday morning with some thick yellow/white goop in her eye and has had it every day since. not sure if this is something i should worry about or not. 

have you had any of these problems/issues with your beasties? any info or advice would be MOST appreciated. 

brenna (& pepper)

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