claudia (291084) wrote in boston_buddies,

Porsche's Playdate

On Sunday, my husband and I took Porsche to visit a very sweet, if over trained, Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier named Meli (said like "bailey" but with an M). She was absolutely relentless about playing with this poor dog, even after it was exhausted. The dog had 2 toy ropes to play with and Porsche spent the majority of the time flinging the ropes through the air and either hitting Meli on the head with them (by accident, I'm sure) or dropping them at Meli's feet or at her side in an attempt to get her to play. Meli just wasn't having it.

It went on like this for nearly six hours.

We're finding it really hard to find other dogs that want to play with Porsche because of her attitude and her stick-to-it-iveness (hehe). So far, we've only had luck with a sheltie that's about a year older than her, but I'd like to find other dogs that Porsche can play with safely.

Honestly, I can't get over how much she wanted to play, wrestle and run. It was ridiculous.

Should I let her play with other dogs like that, or should we curb her enthusiasm? Meli didn't seem all that bothered by Porsche, she'd mostly just ignore her, but never once fought, growled, snarled, bit, nipped or anything at all. I know not all dogs are like that, and if we just leave her to be a wild beast of the jungle, she could get seriously injured if meeting the wrong dog. I'm wondering if when you find a dog that can withstand the Boston Beating, should you go for short intervals or let them play themselves out?

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