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Sick Moms, Dog Parks, and Bentley's Puppy Pictures

Hi Everyone! Bentley here, we finally got to go to the dog park today and yesterday. Two days in a row is fun for the park, we made some friends and the weather was really nice. Mom wanted to take a picture of us in front of the mountains and fountains, but Dad was sick so it was just her and she can't hold the leashes, help us pose, and take a good picture.

This is us last time we were at the park, it's in Fountain Hills and we get to go up and down through the mountains to get there, when it's so sunny and nice and mom opens the windows at the stoplights, we just smile.

We met 2 other Boston Terriers and gave them our blog address. Their names were Plato and Zues and they were lots of fun. Some crazy Jack Russel tried to bite me so I wanted to leave after an hour, but mom picked me up and carried me out of harms way so Niko could keep playing.

We haven't posted in a while because we've been taking care of her, she's had the worst cold *ever*, she missed 4 days of work (which we didn't mind because it meant napping, playing, and giving her big kisses after she had coughs and runny noses.)

She hasn't taken hardly any new pictures of us, so I suggested she post some of my puppy pictures from the archives. Some have never even been scanned! So here they are, I was pretty darn cute.

My parents got me from a lady named Pat in Mesa, AZ. She listened to the television very loud and still has my mom named "Mini-me" but my dad went to that place in the sky with all the baloney trucks, his named was "The Gambler".

When my mom and dad came to see me I looked this cute, so that's why they had to get me.

Pat used to let me grab the rug and run! It was fun, and I remember that. I liked to pull it over my head cuz the TV was so loud.

When I came to live with my mom and dad they didn't even have furniture yet cuz they just moved here from cold, cold Michigan. It was just us and the cats and a blow up bed for almost 2 weeks!

I was the only one with a real bed and those kitties would always want to steal it. I shared sometimes.

Then I got my little den, I loved to lay in it and had my little seal baby too from Pat's house.

I used to get these little bones too, called "edibles", till I started eating them in seconds.

Hedgehog was my favorite toy.

There were a lot of puppy pictures, it was hard to decide which ones to put in my blog. I think I chose the best though.

This one reminds me that I need to go take a nap, running around that dog park makes me tired! Bub-bye!

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