kisstherain4me (kisstherain4me) wrote in boston_buddies,

So I took beasties to the vet, and the vet is puzzled, she's pretty sure it's not glaucoma, and she stained it and there's no injury at all. She put some atropine in it to get it to dilate, but it didn't do anything. She says there is no swelling either. She prescribed anti-inflammatories and an atibiotic, to treat the inflammation, and anything else that might be causing it. So then I had to get some shampoo and milk from the store, and when I came out, Sam (who is now called Sebastian) had chewed up the anti-inflammatory box and bottle and drank it all. Panic, went back to vet, they were closed, so I couldn't get another bottle for beasties. I phoned the emergency vet and told them what he'd ingested and the dose and how much he weighed, and the ER vet said he should be fine since it's a very low dose. He's been fine and shown no problems, but my poor beasties looks miserable with her eye, the anti-inflammatories probably would have helped the most and now I can't get anymore until monday, but I'm have literally like $15 left until friday after this whole thing. Thank God he didn't eat the antibiotics, those are expensive, and much more dangerous. Stupid dog. >:(

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