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Any other Bostons have an obsession with burying bones, but are absolutely horrible at it? Fig MUST bury every rawhide I give her before she sits down to enjoy it. Corners of couches are a favorite spot. She tries to shove the leather (or blankets) around it to cover it completely.

If I happen to "discover" it (i.e.: she catches me watching at her hide it, or if I accidently sit down on it, or even LOOK at it) she has to immediately move it somewhere else where it's safe and bury it again. But she's TERRIBLE at burying it!!! I found this the other day:

Now tell me, how am I *not* supposed to see that?! It just makes me laugh - she tries SO HARD to protect her bones, but they're such pathetic attempts. I try to pretend I don't see them, just for her ego, but it's so hard - ha! Poor thing.

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