Stacy (satyr8) wrote in boston_buddies,

working for the weekend

Hi again! Niko here. I'm at work with mom today and we're having lots of fun! There's this watermelon bed that I can hide toys in, and play with the other dogs like it's a mini pillow cave!

Bman has his new shirt on too, which he thinks makes him look tough so he's been growling and snipping when he is usually just quiet, maybe the weird picture on his back has some type of special powers.

I got to come in wednesday and be in some pictures. Mom let some other lady hold me. I had to stand real still and watch that guy act like he was cleaning pee up off the floor, but I never pee in the stores, so I was a little confused. It's for a safety poster, I liked having all the flashing and treats and peoeple tell me I'm good and cute, but I know Bentley was probably mad.

I got to be in this other shoot too and so did my friend Oz. I had to just sit still, but it was harder because this lady was really nice and I wanted to give her kisses.

Oz is really good at sitting still, and he doesn't put his ears back like me, when I put my ears back everyone keeps telling me "ears up!" but I am having too much fun!

Luckily the camera is magic and catches me really quick with them up! Bentley has been in some pictures too so I told him not to feel bad because now he shares the spotlights. Mom posted about his shoot here we like helping!

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