astonbaby (astonbaby) wrote in boston_buddies,

why is he "purring" so much?

i was sitting on the couch and he came up to me, paws on my legs, as if to tell me he wanted "up". so i picked him up and cradled him in my arms, his head resting on the arm rest of the couch. then he started purring. loudly. later, i got up to carry him to the bed, he purred some more. when i laid him in bed, after giving him his antihistamines, he positioned his body such that he was on his side and started purring. i left for a little bit and came back to go to sleep with him and i snuggled with him and yep, you guessed it. started purring. in the morning, he did the same thing. i thought it was because it was when i carried him or put pressure on his ribs from when i carried/snuggled him (not that i'm putting all that much pressure)

he's always been a "purr-er", but i dunno, maybe this time around it almost sounds like he's in pain? you know how humans make those grunting moans because they are hurting somewhere. maybe i'm just overreacting. i usually do. but i can't help but wonder if there's something wrong.

he's eating and drinking normally. playing normally. walking normally. sleeping normally. everything is seemingly normal except for the excessive purring.

is this something i should be worried about?

the two videos are of me picking him up. however, he doesn't only purr when i pick him up this way. just now, he was purring while i gave him a "frontal" hug as he was laying on the floor.

evidence #1

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evidence #2

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