♥ Désirée Fawn (givmewings) wrote in boston_buddies,
♥ Désirée Fawn

winston and his upset tummy.

Winston Hendrix isn't feeling so well. A couple days ago he had some not so nice poops (diareha) so gave him a dose of pepto bismol to settle his stomach. Yesterday he was fine. Today however, he is pooping up a storm and throwing up all of his food. So, I've been giving him fiarly small doses of pepto bismol and plenty of fresh water. Poor Winna. He looks so sad when he poops in the house because he think that I'm going to be angry with him. Early this evening he was shiverring and throwing up, but that has stopped now. Hopefully this is just a short lived sickness and he's feeling better for tomorrow -- and for his birthday on Friday. Send your hugs!

Thank goodness I know that the food I feed him is safe!! Innova love, right here.

And, of course, a billion pictures as your reward for reading about poops. Merci.


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