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Need help, advice.. Dog's on the loose

I was driving home today and beside the underpass of our highway and a busy intersection there were two little Bostons roaming the bridge. I about had a heart attack. I did a u-turn and went back for them. When I got back to the other side one was on the walkway of the highway bridge and the other was on the edge looking down at the high way. I pulled into an alley and called them over to where I was, in an empty lot, they came over but they wouldn't come to me. I got them away from the busy street and they went down the alley so I followed and saw them slip underneath a fence so I went around the block to the house and knocked on the door.

I questioned the man who answered about the dogs and he said it was the lady's next door. That the dogs were always running out into the street and he said they were probably going to get run over one day soon. I thanked him but I didn't go to the house next door because I was so upset crying. Stupid people who don't take care of their dogs! I drove down the alley and they were still in that man's backyard so I left, but I was so upset. These dogs didn't even have collars on.

I don't know what to do. I can't imagine just doing nothing. Do you know if I were to call the local animal shelter if they would do a home visit or something to check on those dogs? I mean, for one they could get killed and for another thing they could cause a major accident and it's a VERY busy street and of course there's the highway. I don't even want th THINK about what could happen to those poor pups. :(

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