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RE: Need help, advice.. Dog's on the loose

Ok.. first off thanks for the comments. On my lunch break I drove by the house because I needed to get the address. I had treats in my car just in case they were loose again. I think from now on i'm going to be carrying doggy treats in my car. Anyways, I called Animal Control and tried to give the woman who answered my story.. but she kind of cut me off telling me all she could do was give the address and the description of the two dogs to the dog catchers and it's up to them to determine whatever it is they have to do. I was very upset with this answer. I felt no relief whatsoever in calling them. Basically she said all I could do was in a couple of days go and check the dog pound to see if they had been picked up. It doesn't sound very promising at all. It makes me want to stake out the place even more and take those puppies away from her. =/

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